Patented Autonomous GeoGraphical Containment Technology

For smart phones, wearables, and other location-aware devices.  SkyShepherd allows complex "safe containment areas" with progressive alert zones to be created and assigned to other connected devices. The client autonomously monitors its connected device in the safe area and sends users alerts if the device is about to leave it. This passive alerting lets users act if needed, without having to constantly check on the device just to see if it’s OK! This saves significantly on battery and data consumption, and is also more secure.

300% battery life Improvement: How it works

Layered Boundaries

SkyShepherd enables 3x more battery life out of typical geo-fenced devices.  Our patented containment technology incorporates a revolutionary way of determining location status within a complex geo-fence.  The impact is that any complex containment area using our technology takes significantly less processing power than even a simple 4-sided polygon that uses the traditional point-in-polygon method. The processing is done locally, on the device. This means huge power savings by not having to constantly transmit location information from the device to a base station for external processing. Because there is no need to constantly transmit, the implications are also significant for the security of the contained device. As a third benefit, not having to constantly transmit also saves data consumption over a network, which is considerable at scale.  

Adjacent Applications

Adjacent Applications

Since location processing happens locally, the device only needs to communicate when there is a problem, or to give infrequent updates when all's well.  This greatly reduces the cost of service for the device, which unlocks many applications, and makes others more cost effective. See the video below on one of the possible applications, Family Safety: 

Data Analysis Opportunities

Data Analysis Opportunities

The technology records location and activity data on a periodic, and event basis. This allows users to visualize geography, monitor and change behavior, and share boundaries. 

Connection Needs

Connectivity Needs

The system can operate autonomously, as mentioned. Depending on the geo-fencing application, data connection on a network may be completely unnecessary. A bi-directional data connection does allow for enhanced interaction using a smartphone or other device. Even so, the lack of necessity to constantly transmit the tracked device's location is an incredible savings of data over a network, and is much more secure in general.