Autonomous GeoGraphical Containment Technology

For smart phones, wearables, and other GPS enabled devices.  SkyShepherd allows complex "safe containment areas" with progressive alert zones to be created and assigned to other connected devices. The client autonomously monitors its connected device in the safe area and sends users alerts if the device is about to leave it. This passive alerting lets users act if needed, without having to constantly check on the device just to see if it’s OK!

Core Technology

Core Technology - Graph

The underlying containment technology resides completely on the target device, and employs a patent pending method for determining location status.  The result is that the containment area takes significantly less processing power than a 4-sided polygon using the traditional a point-in-polygon method. Moreover, buffer zones can be added to allow for gradual behavior change of the device as it gets close to the edge of the boundary. The system load is greatly reduced with an added system load of only 1% on a typical applications processor.

Data Analysis Opportunities

Data Analysis Opportunities Map

The technology records location and activity data on a periodic, and event basis. This allows users to visualize geography, monitor and change behavior, and share boundaries. Additionally, it would allow data analysis to determine change in health and wellness of the subject and suggest products or services based on that information.

Adjacent Applications

Adjacent Applications

Since the processing happens locally, the device only needs to communicate when there is a problem, or to give infrequent updates when things are good.  This greatly reduces the cost of service for the device, which unlocks many applications, and makes others more cost effective. See the video below on one of the possible applications, Family Safety: 

Connection Needs

Connection Needs

The system can operate autonomously, however a bi-directional data connection allows for enhanced interaction using a smartphone or other device.



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